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The View from Great Dixter: Christopher Lloyd's Garden Legacy

By Rosemary Alexander and Fergus Garrett

Foreword by Beth Chatto


This text is a personal favorite of Tim & Sonia Brotzman who spent part of their honeymoon at Great Dixter, and contributed to the recollections published here.


Life at Dixter with Christopher ... is like a very long and intricately worded sentence; a synthesis of perpetual entertainment.


Expansive herbaceous borders, orchid-filled meadows enveloped by old stone, precision-carved topiary, and an air of gentle eccentricity make Great Dixter the quintessential English country garden. Yet the impact of Christopher Lloyd's unique creation extends way beyond the gardening world and affects all who pass through it in a very particular way.


In this intimate collection of written and photographic contributions, Christopher Lloyd's wide circle of family and friends describe what Great Dixter means to them. Food, poetry, music and plants feature large with one guest recounting the delight of eating an exquisitely cooked turbot and another how a bloom of magnolia was analyzed with botanical precision during the course of dinner. Visitors remember the feel of the centuries-old floorboards underfoot, the thrill of waking early to peer out on topiary enshrouded in fog, and many describe how, in one way or another, Great Dixter changed their lives.


This valuable record encapsulates what makes time spent at Great Dixter in particular, and to some extent time spent in all gardens, so irreplaceable. It adds an important layer to our understanding of Christopher Lloyd's achievements and spurs us on to new heights in our own gardening endeavors.


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Based on years of research, first-hand observation, and interviews with dozens of specialists and nursery people, Dogwoods is an unprecedented guide to the diversity of plants available in nurseries today. Written in engaging and informative prose, this book will be treasured by generations of gardeners.


Our selling price $35.95  plus shipping and handling

(published price is $39.95)




Witch Hazels

The first complete, English language, authoritative text, describing over 100 cultivars, written by the world authority on the subject with a forward by Tim Brotzman.

Our selling price $42.95  plus shipping and handling





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